Gulf Coast Paint


Primer:  PC-1703 100% Solids Epoxy Gray Primer
Topcoat:  PC-1850 100% Solids Epoxy Light Gray Finish Coat

Completion Date:  2017

Industry:  Pulp & Paper Mill – Turbine Floor & Control Rooms

Project Background:  A pulp and paper mill in Alabama was looking for a high end floor coating system with no odor that could handle heavy duty traffic. Gulf Coast Paint was asked to come up with a system that would fit the specific requirements from the Pulp & Paper Mill. Our recommendation for this job was a 2 coat, 100% Solids Epoxy system consisting of our PC-1703 100% Solids Epoxy Gray Primer & PC-1850 100% Solids Epoxy Light Gray Finish Coat. Both of these products are self-leveling, and have no solvent odor which was one of the main requirements for the job.

Strategies/Challenges: Some of the challenges included the ability to perform the recommended surface preparation (diamond grinding) since the facility could not take a chance of having any dust in the control room. Another challenge was the operating temperatures in the turbine room, which usually operates between 90-110° F. The contactor was able to overcome the those challenges by cleaning the surface the best they could, and applying our high performing, 100% solids floor coating system which is able to handle dry service temperatures up to 150° F once cured.

Conclusion: The contractor was pleased with the performance of our PC-1703 & PC-1850. The installation team had to work fast due to the shortened pot life of the 2 products, but were able to able to complete the job with excellent results.

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