Gulf Coast Paint

Project Profile: Xpress Lube in Elizabeth City, NC looking for a High-Performance Floor Coating System

Floor Coating System

Primer: CM-15 Epoxy Mastic Light Gray
Intermediate: CM-15 Epoxy Mastic Safety Red
Topcoat: CT-332 Chemical Resistant Polyester Polyurethane Clear

Location: Elizabeth City, NC

Completion Date: 2016

Company: Xpress Lube in Elizabeth City, NC

Project Background: The concrete in auto lube facilities must be able to withstand vehicle traffic, chemicals, oils, gas, etc. Bare concrete will start to look unattractive very quickly if it’s not coated. Protecting your floor with a high performance coating system is a great way to ensure your concrete will be protected for many years.

Strategies/Challenges: Epoxy floor coatings are a good solution for many different applications, but when dealing with the heavy traffic of an auto lube facility, mixed with gas, oil, and chemicals, a final finish coat of Polyester Polyurethane is the extra added protection that is needed in floor coating system. Its chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance is superior to most other topcoats.



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