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Floor Coating Maintenance

how to maintain floor coating


Proper maintenance will increase the life and maintain the appearance of the coating system.  All floors can wear and become defaced by traffic grinding dirt and debris into the floor.  Dirt and debris are abrasive and quickly dull the finish of the coating system.  Spillage of liquids can stain and damage the coating finish.


  1. Sweep and clean floor frequently, use only soft bristle brushes.Stiff brushes may scratch the coating causing a loss of gloss.
  1. Wash floor at least once a week using soft bristle brushes and neutral detergent in warm water.  Rinse well with clean water.
  1. Place mats near entryways to minimize dirt and moisture.
  1. Clean up all spills immediately.
  1. Avoid dropping heavy and pointed objects on the floor.
  1. Do not slide equipment, machinery, stages, etc., over floor without protection.They can scratch and gouge the coating.
  1. Do not drag pallets across the floor coatings.
  1. Repair all gouges or scratches as soon as possible.Contact your Gulf Coast Representative for proper procedures.
  1. Never use caustic cleaners on the floor. These cleaners can dull the finish.
  1. Periodic application of wax or liquid floor finish helps protect the floor and prolongs the life of the coating system.
  1. Apply felt pads on bottom of chair and table legs.
  1. Use plastic mats under desk chairs.

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