Gulf Coast Paint

New CT-332 Fast Cure Clear Floor Coating

We often get asked “How quick can I walk on this floor?” Most of our coatings were designed for foot traffic in 16-24 hours. Now, that has changed. Gulf Coast Paint has launched a new Fast Dry, Polyester Polyurethane Floor Coating. Our CT-332 Fast Cure is a fast curing clear top coat for decorative floors, toppings, and pigmented epoxy concrete coatings. CT-332 is designed to handle foot traffic in 5-6 hours at 75°F, and heavy traffic in 24 hours at 75°F. Even though the product is fast curing, there’s still a 1-1/2 hour pot life at 75°F so applicators will have plenty of working time. The product has excellent abrasion and impact resistance, and is designed to prevent hot tire pickup from vehicles. We are still stocking our standard CT-332 Clear, but will now offer the fast cure for jobs that require a quick turnaround. If you have any questions about the product, please contact Todd Theis at 251-964-7911 or

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